Custom Framing Services

Haberman’s Picture Framing in Owatonna offers several services for your paintings, photos, and memorabilia.

Most photos and pieces of art look best matted and our computerized mat cutting service creates accurate mat sizes for any image. Once the mat is cut we hinge art work with archival materials. Matting also preserves your photos and artwork by keeping them away from the glass. Photos can stick to the glass. Cross stitches can yellow. Unless paper is mounted it can wrinkle when up against the glass.
When finishing a matted piece of art, you aren’t limited to a plain mat. We choose textures, colors and mats to compliment artwork as well as using a mat cut that works well with the art piece. We offer pen designing on mats achieving a unique custom mat. Just show us or describe a design you want and we can create it or leave it up to us.
Haberman’s Picture Framing can frame just about anything. Our mat board selection is incredible. We have over 1,000 frames to choose from in wood and metal with options available in several colors and designs.
If you enjoy creating cross stitch pieces, we stretch them over foam core. We do not glue or use adhesive board, which can damage your stitch work. Complete your cross stitch with matting and framing. Don’t forget to protect your hours of stitching with conservation glass. We stretch canvases as long as there is at least 1 1/2″ of extra material left around the image.
Mounting is when a piece of art is placed on top of a board made of foam or tempered masonite. We mount photos, puzzles, and prints ,dry mounting them to foam core and leaving a generous border around it for matting and framing. We can also mount canvas prints and most originals on tempered masonite. By doing that it gives you more flexibility in frame choices.
Haberman’s Picture Framing can create all kinds of collages. Because we can write on mats we can print names, dates and events. We also offer shadow boxes for keepsakes and photos, which create a museum-like effect. Shadow boxes are framed with metal or wood mouldings.
If you have frames that have lose corners, cracked, or the finish is questionable we can repair them for you to make them as good as new. We can also do minor to moderate artwork restoration.
At Haberman’s Framing we shrink wrap, on cardboard or foam board, your prints, art work and matted art to protect them for storage, gifts, donations, benefits and fundraisers.
We also offer mirror framing to fit that custom area. We frame mirrors with wood or metal and have a collection of over 1,000 choices, ranging from contemporary to ornate styles.
Are you a museum, historical society, or a person that has a piece that needs archival framing? We can create custom archival framing for pieces of any size, shape, and type, taking care to preserve delicate and vintage items. From framing photos, prints to shadow box and specialty framing, we take special care on all our work. Everything is done on site. We do not send anything out to be worked on.

We are your full service framing store in Owatonna!

Haberman’s Picture Framing also offers fundraising opportunities for schools, Boy and Girl Scout troops, corporations, and organizations. Find out how selling our letter mats or picture frames can raise some money to help you meet your goals.


Bob and Deb helped find the right color mats and use special corner cuts for our framings. Appreciate the help in the process of each framing we have done. Thanks! ~Pat

I have taken many pictures down to have framed and will continue to do so! Thank you!!!!!!! ~ Cyndy Jensen Hensrud


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